Quick Time+iTunes Update

Today there are 2 new updates


QuickTime V 7.1.5


iTunes V 7.1


Move guys and check your update




11 thoughts on “Quick Time+iTunes Update

  1. Mohannaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ,
    i cant believe u didnt tell me u switched to apple ? did u get it after zazo’s call ?
    which one did u get man ? wooow u cant imagine how happy i am for u 3ugbaal a7mad ?
    mabrooooooooooook 3aleek a7la shay fi al donya ba3d al chocolates
    my God !! cant belive we r visting the same blogs
    great minds think alike 🙂
    by the way am ur cousin ele marmeya fi London :-p
    Ahmed ,
    am so sorry am using ur blog for greeting Mohannad lol but i couldnt hold myself back .

  2. Louls:
    you’re most welcome to visit and use my blog as you want 🙂 but you know, while we are living in a ” money talks” country, nothing for free 😉
    I’m so glad that my blog is common place
    Enjoy it and congratulation Mohanad for became one of the “gangs”.

  3. Louls
    I mean by “Gangs”
    عصابة الماك
    لأننا بالفعل عصابة في الاقناع والاهتمام باعضاء ومستخدمي الماك
    تراها كانت مزحة
    Take it easy 😉

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